Page 1: About this survey

What do you know about Archaeology?  What do you think about Archaeology?  Is it on your horizon?

The intention of this survey is to find out whether there are particular reasons why there is low representation of some groups among people doing archaeology. 

This is especially the case for black and ethnic minorities, who make up only about 1% of the workforce in the UK and USA.

Asking the public is essential to identify where any differences in opinions and understanding of Archaeology lie, so that informed action can best target ways of redressing this imbalance.


The importance of redressing this imbalance is that, as the study of the past, Archaeology creates particular visions of the past.

These visions are very powerful and inform beliefs about the world, often without people realizing it.

Diversity in the production of visions of the past therefore has an important 'grass roots' role to play in shaping social beliefs and can affect how people behave in the present.

Your participation in this survey can feed into local actions to encourage more black archaeologists, and is also important for testing the survey so that it can be refined and used in international research and action projects.

The Bermuda pilot is a crucial step in this, and your participation is much appreciated. 

The results will be reported to Think Media and published.

The survey comprises 20 questions about your experience of and feelings about archaeology, and 14 demographic questions. 

It should take about 10-15 minutes of your time.