Page 1: About this Survey

Thank you for agreeing to complete this survey; we are very grateful for your help. The purpose of this survey is find out what computational activity is being done across the University in support of research.  We are expecting a broad range of responses and from these we will be able to identify common themes, problems and areas needing support.  We will use this information to help shape the service that ARC will provide to University researchers. 

We estimate that the Survey will take about 5-10 minutes to complete.  Please feel free to omit any questions that you do not want to/do not know how to answer.  There is no "Right Answer"! It does not matter if you are a "basic" computer user or a "superuser", if a computer is important to your research we want to hear from you.

Although we will analyse the data from this survey, we will not share any personal data with third parties.  We may contact you to discuss your responses to this Questionnaire, if you do not want this please indicate at the end of the survey.

About ARC:  Advanced Research Computing (ARC) is an independent dedicated computing support unit within the Research Division of the University. We are not part of Computing and Information Services, but we do complement the Infrastructure and general IT services that they provide. We support academic researchers in all faculties across the University, where there is a requirement for the use of computers as part of their research. We provide facilities and expertise, connect people across different disciplines. Our range of activity extends from simple coding assistance through to supporting computationally intensive research requiring High Performance Computing.